From the Horse’s Mouth


“Everything has to evolve, or else it perishes” ~ John Knowles

The last few months were testing. After one and a half years of numerous trips to the Assistant Commissioner of Charities’ office, we finally managed to process our organisation’s name change, and document our new name in various compliance departments. Although a couple of departments are still pending, we made it through to the other side of the tunnel.

Evolution takes time. In nature a small change takes thousands of years to manifest, sometimes more. But it’s necessary, and it’s a great teacher. The entire essence of the natural world is one of change, underscored with patience. We learnt to be patient too. We were evolving through a pandemic, and that in itself gave us ample time to process the changes we were going through.

We learnt to set small goals, and not become overwhelmed with the big changes that we would be tackling. We took things one step at a time. In so doing, our strategic planning skills improved – a valuable lesson indeed! We embraced our cliches, identified our faults, and took the chance to rectify them permanently. And we came closer as a team. Each one of us played their part and celebrated in the end as a team.

Every time we took a step forward, we practised gratitude. We realised we were being more grateful than we usually would be, and thanked the universe for giving us a chance to evolve and change.

We also realised that any change takes its own time. Worrying or agitating about the process is an exercise in futility. That time can instead be spent better to create awareness that will drive the change.

Both the Painted Lady Butterfly and Fox Moth become beautiful butterflies, one in 4 weeks, another in 5 years. Similarly, remember, for any aspect of the society to change too, complacence is counter-productive, but patience is the key!

Best Wishes


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