Unleashing Kindness

The pandemic was a negative event for humans, but positive for the animal kingdom. The world spotted more free roaming animals, on the roads and in the skies, as humans were restricted. Nature healed herself at so many places. Our hospital witnessed zero cases of hit and run in the months from April to October. Care takers brought sick animals even without any conveyance, carrying them in arms, in gunny sacks. The cup of Kindness was not affected.

But come November, as restrictions were lifted, humans went back to their original selves, uncaring about the animals they share their world with, and we started to witness a immense boost in man-animal conflict cases.

While we continue our work of nurturing sick and injured animals, we realise that Unleashing Kindness, which we experienced and extended during the pandemic, is the only non optional, non negotiable antidote to all malaise that has set in our society. 

We also must use this opportunity to make people understand the importance of boycotting meat as food, and push to shut down slaughterhouses, especially, the round-the-corner illegal ones. The last 8 months has seen a humongous number of citizens  growing organic fruits and vegetables on their terraces, balconies and even on window grills. This is the time to push for more of us to learn the science of Kind gardening, hydroponics  and permaculture, without harsh use of chemicals. To look at how to be minimally invasive on Mother Earth and how to sustain ourselves with minimum. 

Kindness needs to percolate into every sphere of our existence, if we decide never to confront yet another Pandemic again.

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