We love it when you visit. Our staff love it , and our resident animals look forward to it. Plan a scheduled visit or write to us at .

We are open to visitors on Public holidays and Sundays only, between 2 PM and 5 PM. At other times the facility is closed to visitors other than Caretakers who have admitted their animals in our Hospital.

To give quality time to visitors, we prefer to welcome only a few of you at a time. So we suggest that you send us an e mail at or call us on +91-9322271966 to schedule a visit.

If you have an animal admitted at our hospital, please visit them between 4 PM and 5 PM on any weekday. Please bring the IPD registration form with you during your visit.

Come talk to us, play with the animals, learn about how we work, share your ideas! Be prepared to see animals in varying degrees of pain and injury, so let us know if you are uncomfortable in their presence.

How you can Volunteer

Because they love.
They care. They help.
They make a difference.

We depend on our fabulous volunteers to support us for many activities at the Hospital and in administration. If you can gift us your extra time, we have the volunteering options to suit you.

You can volunteer at our facility to clean, feed or even coordinate adoptions.
Many animals we rescue need specialised care and a warm loving foster home to get back on their feet. Be a foster parent and save a life.

We need passionate and motivated volunteers to help us start a line of Op Shops.

Are you good with administration ? You could help us with basic admin support, updating database, maintain our garden, design enrichment for enclosures, handle a camera - anything for which our staff don't have time.

Please complete the Form at the bottom of the page.

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