Dr. Nanjibhai Khimjibhai Thakkar Thanawala

“Jai Bhagwan” is the Mantra of Life for Dr. Nanjibhai Khimjibhai Thakkar Thanawala. According to N.K.T, as he is fondly called, it is this mantra that gave him the power to become fearless and forge ahead to do the social activities that he started not only in Thane district, but all over the country.

Nanjibhai Khimjibhai Thakker Thanawala Trust

The N.K.T Trust was founded in the year May 1996.  It has since its inception, carried out numerous social activities for the poor and downtrodden. These include : 

Telephone Booth for physically and visually challenged persons
Schools and Colleges
Three Wheeled Cycles for Physically challenged persons
Monthly food ration to 400 poor families
Old Age Home
Widow remarriage and Community marriages
Space donated for Veterinary Hospital for Stray Animals
Medical camp for Poor
Awareness against Female Foeticide
Anti Intoxication camps
Loan through Co-operative Societies
School for children of commercial sex workers
Providing newspapers in jails
Bore well digging among other water resource facilities
Promoting vegetarianism
Clinic for people with heart diseases.
Annakshetra and Cleanliness drive at Kumbhmela
Blood Donation and Piles operation Camp
Three Wheeled Cycles for Physically challenged persons

At the helm of the Trust remains Dr. Nanjibhai Khimjibhai Thakker Thanawala, who was awarded his Doctorate for his Philanthropy in the year September 2005 by The Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

With the support of 6 other Trustees, he continues to spread his Mantra of “Jai Bhagwan” through his social activities all over the country.


Thane CPCA had been working for street animals since the year 2002. Without a place to build a hospital on, our Trustees and Staff were serving the animals with topical treatment on the roads of Thane.

In the year 2005, at the behest of a well wisher, Thane CPCA approached Nanjibhai Khimjibhai Thakker for a small piece of land where we could at least bring dying animals to breathe their last in dignity.

On the 10th of April 2005, with the help of philanthropist Dr. Nanjibhai Khimjibhai ThakkerThe Thane CPCA Emergency Medical Centre for Animals was started officially, with a single cage, a single table and a single veterinarian.

Since then, this 18-year-old hospital at NKT Compound, Beside Brahmand Society, Opp. Indofil Company, Kolshet Road, AzadNagar, Thane West, has treated more than 1,50,000 animals. We transformed a completely rocky and barren land into a Green Zone in 2 years’ time.

We are ever very grateful to Nanjibhai, now one of our Patron members, for letting us use his land in Azadnagar as a hospice. His patronage has transformed us from being a non entity to one of the most well known organizations of the country.

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