We have experienced that the best kind of outreach is one that is one-on-one. We use our activities as a platform for ushering change. The crowd who gather around our ambulances learn first hand that there are people to love and care for animals, that there is a facility available for animal treatment. We use these opportunities to talk to them about welfare and rights of animals, and how they can take preventive measures for their community animals. We hope that the same people who are present at the spot will take the initiative to save another animal in need, someday.

School and college students visit us regularly to see upfront how an animal hospital works. They intern with us, sharing their skill sets for the benefit of animals, learning what to do when they see an animal in distress. They learn how to report cruelty, how to provide humane guardianship to their pets, and the pain animals go through, thus compelling them to turn to vegetarianism. We provide them an environment where they can connect to animals physically and spread the message of love when they go back into the community.

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