Emerging In A New Avatar

All organisations need to go through changes in order to grow and explore. While some changes are introduced as new technologies to make work more efficient and economical, in other instances, changes are driven by external pressures and the need for mergers. Every year, Thane SPCA goes through some metamorphosis or the other, either in the way it functions, or procures and updates the facilities it provides. However, just like any other market, change ensures that Thane SPCA can continue to meet the demands and expectations of animal lovers across the district.

In 2018-19, Thane SPCA acquired new medical equipment that ensured improved medical care. The entire hospital floor was replaced with new polished flooring that ensures more efficiency in maintaining cleanliness. We also replaced the old entrance gate with a new anti -rust gate. We acquired the Platinum Seal certificate from Guide Star India. 

In the coming year, we will be undergoing further transformations. We will add one more ambulance to our fleet. We will upgrade the format of this newsletter to make it even more crisp, sharp and lucid. Also, in response to a directive from the Animal Welfare Board of India, we will be potentially changing our name. This change will completely transform Thane SPCA’s identity, which in itself will bring in more challenges. But we will go through it together and emerge with a new avatar – our dedication to animals remaining unchanged if not stronger.


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