From ‘I’ to ‘We’


This never before Covid – 19 situation has been a difficult time for humans and animals alike, made more difficult by isolation. It brought a lot of anxiety adding to the already existing ones of impending statutory changes, which has threatened to negatively impact flow of funds. 

At the onset of the pandemic, the first and foremost concern was for the homeless – humans as well as animals! The State Govt. kept animals and livestock very low on priority, as is natural during any calamity.

There were very few sources of food and water for the animals. Dry food companies had closed down their godowns as most of them were in containment zones.

A considerable number of our staff abruptly left the city for their native villages because their landlords ousted them overnight., and from a full strength of staff, we were suddenly jolted into working the same hours with skeletal staff. With the shut down of transportation, the commuting for our existing staff became the biggest challenge, whether they were commuting from within Thane, or from as far as Asangaon and Vikramgadh. Police intolerance made matters worse

At the onset, veterinary services were not included in the list of essential services. A lot of animals were suffering as NGOs had closed down their ambulance services and private vets had shut their clinics.

Vegetable and food markets were open with strict timings making it impossible for us to buy food in bulk. Medicine supply, initially, was cut off completely. We had to suspend all surgeries.

Governing body could not meet regularly, accountant was a suspected case, and everyone held their breath.


  1. A lecture by Dr Krishnamurthy, CMO of Thane Municipal Corporation on the ‘What-Why-How’ of COVID-19, to satisfy doubts in the minds of our staff.
  2. We made it mandatory for all staff to use cloth masks, gloves and sanitisers  without worrying about the expenses. 
  3. All staff duties were rearranged. It was decided to pick up and drop all staff to and from their homes in our ambulances, from as far as Asangaon and Panvel.
  4. The medical staff volunteered to continue doing 6 shifts at a stretch, followed by a 2 day break, to ensure one ambulance was available to run for street animals every alternate day.
  5. We coordinated  with the Thane Police and Thane Rural Police and Palghar, to procure Essential Service passes for the ambulances, for nearly 100+ volunteers who deployed themselves to provide food and first aid to street animals.
  6. We provided  more than 6.5 tonnes of fodder to 168 horses, more than 2 tonnes of dry food for dogs and 180 kilos of food for feral cats. 
  7. We tied up with Veterinarians at some Corporation areas, who we would remunerate, to treat animals of our volunteers, because we could not reach these areas regularly.
  8. We supplied Masks (sponsored by a friend), Sanitisers and Gloves to the Police Personnel at Arthur Road Jail, on their request.
  9. Even with the Lockdown breathing on our necks, we had to do a major repair on one of our ambulances.
  10. Each day, since 22nd March 2020, 2 of our Trustees were present full day with our staff to give them moral support.


We have had a challenging time – and it continues. Medicine supplies have been hampered, we’ve worked with skeletal staff as per government regulations, while patients flowed in at the usual steady pace. We worked hand in hand with every department and in the process, got closer to them. Understandably, our donations declined steadily – but we never gave up, strengthened by the faith that you would never give up on us. 

Given the unprecedented and uniquely uncertain nature of these times, we will need your support all the more this year. We are well aware that all of us will have to live within our means and constraints, but we urge you to keep us in your thoughts and set aside monetary resources to help us help the animals in need – God’s creatures that we all love so much and who need us now, more than ever.

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