There are almost one billion animals in our country roaming around freely in the streets, most of them having been abandoned after their purpose is served, and a very large percentage among them sick and injured. Out of this, tens of thousands roam the streets of the Districts of Thane itself. Despite being  a giant, progressive city sitting on the outskirts of Mumbai itself, the provisions for care of these poor souls were non-existent. They had little to no access to modern medical care or aid. 

It was in 2002 that a group of empathetic people noticed the worsening conditions of street animals in Thane and relentlessly worked to provide care and aid to these helpless creatures.  The existence of a primary health care facility was felt to be extremely necessary in the district. These efforts finally manifested themselves when the magnanimous Dr. Nanjibhai Kimjibhai Thakker lent  a plot of land to our organisation , where the Thane CPCA Emergency Animal Care center would be built.

Wasting no time for Government issued funding or assistance, this group started to put together, brick by brick, a facility, for the succor of distressed animals. This facility gradually came to be the only hospital in the district for street animals till date, complete with state of the art diagnostic facilities, was built independently utilising private funding for necessary amenities. 

Today, the hospital stands proud overlooking a gorgeous garden and a beautiful turtle pool. With a vibrant menagerie of a hundred animals, the facility boasts of separate wards for quarantining purposes, kennel, cattery, cattle ward, a wild bird and a monkey enclosure. A fully equipped air conditioned operation theater rests inside ready to perform emergency surgeries, alongside a state of the art digital X-Ray unit and an Intensive Care Unit.

Our three ambulances reinforce the work we do. The vehicles service  the entire Thane district which spans more than 4000 sq. Kms, and on several occasions go to neighbouring districts like Palghar and Raigad.

In the two decades that the organization has been conducting its altruistic endeavors more than 1,50,000 animals have been treated holistically, taking into account not just whatever injury or illness that requires immediate care but also the environment they reside in. Warm, loving homes have been found for hundreds of them and alternate medicinal treatments are offered to them regularly  with excellent success rates.

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