Governing Body

The  organisation works under the guidance of  a cohesive team of 7 Governing Body members and 14 Executive Body members. Each of these members work on a Honorary basis and holds ultimate responsibility for all activities and resources of the organisation.

Their responsibility includes establishing the Vision of the organisation, carving out the Mission statement and ensuring the organisation complies with the Objectives as laid out in our Memorandum of Association.

The Governing Body is elected every 3 years at the Annual General Body meeting.

Medical and Support Team

The amazing synergy at Thane CPCA is all because of our staff. They form the back bone of our organization’s success. It’s their vivacity and dedication which brings the organization alive. They are the ones who under any circumstances, will do their duty with utmost dedication and care. At times they put their own safety at risk to help the animal in need. They are our true ambassadors.  

Each one of them, from our Senior Veterinarian,  our Hospital Manager, down to our Support Staff, have worked extra hours, day in and out, in adverse conditions, to treat and rehabilitate the animals you bring in. At times there have been day long power cuts, at other times there has been no water supply for 2 days at a stretch. But each animal has been cleaned, treated and fed by them. OUR STAFF ARE OUR FAMILY MEMBERS – THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO US.

Conflict Mitigation Team

In cases of serious or minimal acts of cruelty and neglect, our Pro – bono team intervenes to mitigate conflict. From conflicts between Housing societies and animal lovers, or cases of cruelty on animals, our team responds promptly.  We always try to resolve conflicts through advice and assistance – our first preference. However in extreme cases of deliberate cruelty, we seek the intervention of the implementing agencies.

Shakuntala Majumdar
Debashish Majumdar
Vice President
Dr. Suhas Rane
Hon. Secretary
Mamta Girath
Arundeep Singh Pathania
Jt. Secretary
Rajesh Talreja
Member Trustee
Mukesh Girath
Member Trustee

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